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Product Features

RNI is one of the leading companies in distributing Ultrasonic Pest Repeller technology. Branded under its own name RNI ultrasound repellent products has received positive feedback from its users making it a new revolutionary invention that has produced an innovative breakthrough in rodent and Pest Control without using chemicals making it environment friendly.

RNI Ultrasonic Pest Repellers use ultra-high frequency sound waves to chase away rodents and pests like mouse, rats, dogs, cats etc. The Ultrasonic Pest Repeller emits a fluctuating ultrasonic sound from higher to lower frequencies (not audible to humans). This allows the Pest Repeller to target different pests. Pests cannot tolerate this constantly changing environment, which causes them to leave the area.

Features / Specs

Area Covered-200sqft to 280sqft of area by Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
Single Speaker Design used in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
LED Power Indicator in Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
Voltage: 230 -240V Input: 240 VAC +/- 10% @ 50Hz +/- 5%

Current: 0.05 A (approx.)
Power: 12 W
Ultrasonic sound wave frequency between 20 to 40 khz
Click the video and find out how RNI ultrasonic works
You can now control Pests and Rodents without using chemicals making it environment friendly using RNI Ultrasounic Pest Repeller (Product of RNI ) and help you save money on the uncontrolled damages.

Proven with effective results:
What could be easier than plugging our indoor pest repellent and let it work? You don’t have to chase and kill pest around (both business and at home) and deal with unpleasant situations!

And THE BEST PART: You have nothing to do with cleaning up and deal with this dead insects or rodents! WANT FASTEST RESULTS? Plug a device in every room and be sure about the tangible results – force them to leave and never to come back again.

DON’T RISK IT! Just pick up your phones and call us at the below mentioned contact numbers or send us your enquiry here … and let’s put an end to your pest infestation before it’s too late.

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