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Product Features

  •  Posted near the barcode within
    8cm range of goods.
  •  Posted on the hidden position to
    achieve the best security results.
  • Do not cover merchandise warning message, valid and relevant
    consumer information.
  • Posted soft label recommendations
    should be dry, clean, free of dirt and
    grease, etc
  • Soft label will be weakened if
    surrounding field magnetic more
    than greater 100mG performance.
  • Tag can not expose within 8 Gauss
    magnetic field.

Material structure

  • 1. Plastic housing : Polystyrene / polyethylene
    thickness 0.38mm。
  • 2. Magnetic Acoustic Resonator : Patented
    vibration amorphous magnetic materials-Iron
    -based amorphous alloy containing nickel,
    cobalt, boron and silicon.
  • 3. Laminate: Low density polyethylene /
    polyester / polyethylene0.12mm。
  • 4. Bias: Patent magnetic material containing
    iron, nickel and chromium.
  • 5. Adhesive : Double-coated ,rubber-based
    adhesive,thickness of 0.14,The minimum peel
    strength of 80 oz./in
  • 6. Double-sided silicon coated linings of 80 lb.
    Thickness of Bleached Kraft Board is 0.125mm。
  • Bleached Kraft Board is 0.125mmlicon
    coated linings of 80 ached Kraft Board is

Solution Application
Apparel, General Merchandise

  • Temperature and humidity: Maximum
    storage temperature not to exceed 50 ℃
    for 120 hours at 80% RH.
    Shelf life:two years from date of
    manufacture when labels are stored
    between 15℃ to 32℃,30-80% RH.
  • Specifications
  • Colour…………………White/barcode/Black
  • Length…………………………..45.2mm
  • Width …………………………. 10.8mm
  • Product Conformity:
  • ROHS
  • Under California Proposition 65, testing
    products in lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd)
    content and DBP, BBP, DEHP (DOP), DNHP
    DIDP and content are in line with certification
  • Magnetic Acoustic soft label can handle recycled
    paper and plastic packaging together, recycling
    companies or departments responsible for waste

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